Online and Onsite Feng Shui Consultation Services in Singapore

Need to hear from a professional Feng Shui master about how you can maximize your living space in Singapore? The team at The Living Naga is eager and ready to serve you!

Besides offering an extensive range of Feng Shui ornaments and products, The Living Naga also offers on-site Feng Shui consultation services in Singapore. We will help you choose the best office Feng Shui orientation for your business and the best Feng Shui solutions to bring good health and prosperity to your family. Our Feng Shui Master at The Living Naga is certified by the International Feng Shui Association and is knowledgeable and well-versed in the foundations of Feng Shui. Feel free to engage The Living Naga about the best Feng Shui solutions and suggestions to improve the well-being of your business and family members.

Like Naga the Serpent that protected the Buddha, The Living Naga safeguards your physical and mental well-being. We prioritize your needs and provide the best services possible. Choose The Living Naga for the best Feng Shui Consultation Services in Singapore and discover a new way of life today.

The Living Naga provides online Feng Shui consultation services as well. Simply contact us by filling in our online inquiry form to find out more and our friendly customer services team will be in touch shortly.

1. Home Feng Shui Analysis - USD$188, within 7 working days

Simply provide the following information:

  • Year of Completion of House/Apartment Building
  • House/apartment's Facing 
  • House/apartment's Facing Compass reading
  • Occupants' Birth Date (DD-MM-YYYY) and Time
  • Unit layout/plan (a detailed sketch will suffice, complete with placement of important furniture, colours, etc)
  • Photos of house/apartment's surroundings and environment
  • More information about what you would like to have look into
  • *On-site consultation is available for Singapore only, please drop The Living Naga an email at or click Contact Us.

2. Personal Zi Wei Dou Shu Analysis (Purple Astrology) - USD$88, within 3 working days

You will need:

  • Personal Birth Date (DD-MM-YYYY) and Time
  • 2 life aspects that you would like to have analysed
  • More information about the areas that you would like to have looked into