• What happens if I am not at home to collect my parcel?

We take pride in ensuring that the specially-curated Feng Shui items reach you safely. Therefore, our Order Tracking page will help you to accurately gauge when the parcel should reach you. You may then contact the service provider for special arrangements.

You may also leave a note during Check-Out for special instructions for the delivery/dispatch services.

  • How do I 'activate' my Feng Shui products after receiving it?

After receiving your products, it is advisable to rinse it under running tap water as the minerals will cleanse the Feng Shui item. While doing so, you can tell it your name and your wishes as this energy will transmit to the item, claiming it yours. You can then expose it to direct sunlight from 8am - 3pm to absorb the goodness of the universe. 

You may repeat these steps occasionally to renew the power of your Feng Shui items. We would advise to do so quarterly to 'recharge' your Feng Shui item.

  • May I contact The Living Naga for Feng Shui advice?

Of course! Our certified Feng Shui practitioners at The Living Naga will give suitable advise to your queries and assist as much as they can. However, do note that the accuracy of their readings are dependent on how precise is the information provided by you. 

  • What if I want my items to be blessed?

All the Feng Shui items sold at The Living Naga are powerful in their curing effects due to their elemental traits. However, if you would like to have your items blessed, please add the Activation Blessing by clicking on the link to your cart before Check-out and we will bless and activate your items before shipment. 

However, do note that the blessing service will add an additional 7 working days to your shipping period.