About Us


Our belief: Feng Shui for a better living

The Living Naga is an online Feng Shui store based in Singapore which aims to sell modern and sophisticated Feng Shui products that will improve your environment's Chi and life prospects. 

The concept of The Living Naga Feng Shui Store was inspired by a pair of red and golden Nagas that appeared in our founder's dream. The Naga is the serpent which protected the Buddha from evil predators and harm when he was attaining enlightenment. In this world of danger and unforeseen threats, our founder believes that a good Feng Shui is akin to the Naga, a strong and natural protector of the good.

All of our products are specially curated to fit any homes, offices or as accessories. We believe that bad Feng Shui is a result of poor knowledge of what you or your surroundings need. Therefore, we serve every customer of The Living Naga with utmost service and provide free personalised Feng Shui advice to their needs.