What to do for best feng shui on your Move-In day

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The actual day of your move-in is the exhilarating moment you have been anticipating for months since you received your keys. Finally you have a place to call your own! On this significant day, you want to make sure that the things that you do only bring more positive feng shui to your home. Below are tips to help you do so!

Feng shui moving house 

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Dress and behave like you are coming home (which technically you are)

On the day that you move in, you should not be moving in anymore furniture or boxes. Instead, you should dress and look like you just came home from a date or work. What you do need to bring along with you will be:

  • A packet of Iching coins or new coins
  • Sweets, cakes and chocolate
  • Pineapple
  • Gifts for your spouse (for couples only)
  • Rice

The reason for this is more customary; it is to signify a luscious and harmonious life that you will start living from now on in your new house. Also, your cheerful and relax spirits will induce more positive energy in your new home. 

energizing your house

Scatter the Iching Coins or new Coins for prosperity and abundance

Moving house is a huge life event and brings about heightened luck. If you have chosen an auspicious date, it is even more important to tap on the heavenly luck and energise your house with it.

The scattered coins act as a tool to magnetise your house with the trinity of luck brought about by your move-in day. Try to make sure that your coins cover different areas of your house (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even your storerooms) to activate all the positive luck in the house. 

You should leave them for 24 hours, after which you can choose to keep some or spend all.

Turn on all the lights and leave them on

The principle here is the same as that of the coin; to activate the positive feng shui in your house and to energise it with good Yang energy. It works together with the coins to also dispel any lingering negative energy. 

Prepare gifts for your other half (For couples)

This is more for newly-weds who are just moving into their new home. You can prepare significant gifts for your other half as a sweet gesture to activate the feng shui that governs romance and matrimonial bliss in your house.

The husband can consider getting a necklace or a bracelet for his wife while the wife can get a new tie or belt for her husband. These items are significant as the idea is to be bounded to each other eternally. However, all these are personal preference and the couple can also get presents that are significant and symbolic to each other too.

feng shui stove

“Sheng Qi” by starting your stove for prosperity and abundance

When you first start the stove is very important in feng shui as stove symbolizes the household’s wealth. Starting it in a timely and measured manner plays a huge role in determining the family’s fortune. 

Place a pot or kettle of water on your stove and let it come to a rumbling, ferocious boil before turning it off. Water symbolizes wealth in feng shui and by boiling water, you activate the positive energy that comes along with the turning on of the stove.

You can also cook rice over the stove, otherwise using the rice cooker is fine too. This is also a Chinese custom, which is to symbolize abundance and a well-fed life.

meal with family

Having a sumptuous first meal in your house

Lastly, enjoy a good meal with your loved ones in your freshly-decorated new home! The Chinese believe that it is especially meaningful and auspicious to eat steamboat as it’s round shape will “sheng qi” and promote family bliss. The idea is also to symbolize a life of luxury and good food.

For the modern, it is symbolic enough to order a hot piping pizza from your favorite pizza chain as it is also round and topped with many fresh ingredients.

Wishing all new owners a luxurious and blissful life in your new homes!

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