The Origins: How did Feng Shui start (Part 2)

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Now that we know how Qi or energies can have a significant impact on our lives, it is good to know the different schools of Feng Shui that practitioners have used for a long time. These schools are purely Feng Shui with no links whatsoever to any religions, although some masters do adapt their own versions.

There are 4 schools of Feng Shui:

  1. Landform
  2. Eight House (or Ba Zai)
  3. Flying Star
  4. Water Theory

Landform School of Feng Shui

landform school of feng shui

This school of Feng Shui pays more attention to the physical landscape of any buildings and examines any mountains, hills and rivers that is within reasonable proximity to positively or negatively affect the occupants.

 According to Landform Feng Shui, houses with a panoramic view of gentle water and hills or mountains behind it has the best feng shui configuration.

 The ideal Feng Shui configuration for any buildings is represented by the four celestial animals.
Read about it in The Origins: How did Feng Shui started (Part 1).

Eight House School of Feng Shui (Ba Zai)

This application of Feng Shui uses the Feng Shui Compass, or Luo Pan, to determine the directional sectors of any buildings. In this school of thought, the compass will make up 8 main sectors. The Feng Shui expert will be able to determine the auspicious and inauspicious directions for each occupant based on their birth year.

Every individual, based on their Kua number derived from their birth year, will find out if they belong to the East group or the West group. This will give rise to each person’s 4 auspicious directions and 4 inauspicious directions.

As directions affects the energy field of the occupants, appropriate usage of the directions to plan the locations in which you sleep, study or work will better support you in life.

Flying Star School of Feng Shui

schools of feng shui

The Flying Star School of Feng Shui is a sophisticated and intricate system of analyzing the Feng Shui of any buildings. This is because it takes into consideration how energy flows and changes over time in a predictable, cyclical trend.

The analysis is done by taking the birth year of which a building is first completed and allows the experts of the School of Flying Star to track the influences of the energy over time. It is therefore very powerful as masters can now see the past, present and future of any buildings and examine the occurrence of events in your house.

Here, it is no longer just about the good or bad directions, but the quality of the energy in those directions. Experts of Flying Star Feng Shui can now better control the type of cure they administer so as to ensure maximum benefits to the occupants. 

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Water Theory

Water theory feng shui

In Feng Shui, the study of water flow is significant to a building’s quality of Qi. A gently meandering stream provides good livelihood and catch for the houses along it and promotes good Qi. A fast-flowing stream that breaks even the rocks is menacing and dangerous, therefore this gives rise to bad Qi or Sha Qi. Water that flows in a straight manner cannot accumulate Qi and stagnant water which is foul-smelling and polluted brings about bad luck as well.

In the past, examining of water flow really is referring to the studying of the currents of rivers, streams and the sea. However, in modern times, reservoirs, ponds, roads, highways or most open space that has human or vehicle traffic are considered ‘water areas’. This is why occupants in buildings facing the expressways often experience bad feng shui, as the Sha Qi there is strong.

Be aware of which School of Feng Shui used

The 2 most commonly used Feng Shui Schools are the Ba Zai and Flying Star. Most great Feng Shui Masters use a combination of both so as to get a more detailed and accurate analysis. 

Both schools use a mathematical approach in their analysis, with Flying Star being more scientific and systematic in its examination of properties. Therefore, when engaging any Feng Shui Master, it is advantageous to ask about the schools that they practice and know if they will be able to offer you what you are looking for.

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