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When everyone thinks of Feng Shui, they immediately relate it to all the Chinese decor, bright red or gold with fierce-looking figurines. There is nothing wrong with that, except that they often do not match the modern contemporary designs of our interiors.

The good news is, you do not have to do an overhaul of your house to have good Feng Shui. You can take small steps first, and then incorporate these items into your house.

Take these actions to start creating good Feng Shui in your house now. If you are already doing so, keep up the good work!

Tip #1: Declutter your house

feng shui tips to better home

Stop being a hoarder! If you have not used those items for more than a year, you are probably not going to use them at all. Having piles of unwanted items lying around your house accumulates stagnant energy, which attracts Yin energy.

On the practical side, clutters around your house also shows your state of mind: it is flooded with confusion, disorganised thoughts and sometimes, escaping behaviors from your emotions. Since all these will affect your mood and mind, it affects your energy as well. Therefore, a neat and tidy house will definitely activate good Feng Shui.

Tip #2: Balance out your interior decor

tips to better feng shui home

In Feng Shui, each solid or strong colour that you add to your house increases that particular element's strength.

Even if your favourite colours are black or red, do not go overboard with those colours in your house. For a comfortable and Feng Shui optimising house, other than using more neutrals and earthly tones, make sure that if you want dark colours, limit it to one wall per room, mix it up with other colours or just a few furniture.

According to colour psychology research, strong dark colours like black or red tend to make people more impulsive and hot-tempered. Yellow is a bright and cheery colour, but having a whole room of yellow makes people feel suffocating with false enthusiasm as well.

Tip #3: Open your curtains and windows and let sunlight fill your house

tips to better feng shui home

Sunlight is not just the best sterilizer for germs and bacteria, it is also the best way to rid your house of any Yin spirits and negative energy. Strong and natural sunlight is the best Yang energy counter for any Yin energy. Therefore, choose a good time (12pm or 3pm) to fully draw up your curtains and let the positive sun rays neutralise any Yin energy that could be lurking in the corners of your house.

In addition, open up your windows and let natural air flow through your house. Airing you house helps to prevent stale air which is both bad for your health and the Feng Shui of the house.

Tip #4:  Keep the bathroom door closed and your toilet bowl cover down

tips to better feng shui home

Many Feng Shui articles have written that the door to your bathroom should be kept closed because that is where water, aka your wealth, flows out of your house. Unfortunately, in Feng Shui, the bathroom is simply just a place where you drain out the negative energy and the reason behind is much more for the better of hygiene than anything. If the bad sectors of your house happen to be in your bathroom, the Feng Shui of your house is the most optimal.

The bathroom is often damp, foul-smelling and has the least natural light. Therefore it makes sense not to let the air from here flow into your other rooms. You should also wash it often and add nice smelling fragrance to reduce the Yin energy that can accumulate that. Moreover, if your bathroom happens to be your wealth spot, then keeping it clean and fresh will do you more good than harm!

Tip #5: Keep your stove and fridge out of sight

tips to better feng shui home

This does not mean that you hide them in the cupboard; it simply means position your stove or fridge away from the opening to your kitchen. Both the stove and the fridge symbolises the household's wealth and placing it directly facing the door has the same effects of displaying your wealth in Feng Shui. This means that you will not be able to accumulate wealth easily and money gets spent in your house very easily.

If you must have an open kitchen, make sure that the opposite counter or partition is higher than your stove or use a nice cloth to cover it. As for your fridge, shift it out of the door's way. The whole idea is that these 2 wealth pots do not face any windows or be seen by your guests such that your wealth flows out of the house.


These 5 tips are simple enough for anyone to follow and if you have not realised, they are more logical and sensible than what may have been perceived to be Feng Shui. The bottom line is: always keep your house neat and tidy to have good Feng Shui. 

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