Is Feng Shui able to make me rich?

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A client of mine recently asked, “Master, according to my Bazi, I am supposed to be rich. Why am I still so poor?”

My answer to this person was, “You do not have to worry about your meals, shelter, job stability nor family. Aren’t you rich?” 

My client answered, “Yes Master, but I want to be filthy rich.”


I was reminded of a famous saying in the realms of Chinese Metaphysics:

“First comes Destiny, second comes Luck and third comes Feng Shui.”

What this saying means is that every lifeform on Earth is govern by three principles, namely Destiny, Luck and Feng Shui.


Destiny is the fate that a person is born into; no one can choose their own fate nor change it. In the East, masters analyse birth charts (Bazi) and its relevance with the governing stars (Zi Wei Dou Shu). In the West, you have birth horoscope analysis, astrology and numerology. All these are used to determine a person’s fate, personality, past, present and future events that you may anticipate and be prepared for, but you cannot change it.


Luck is something that everyone craves for, but is unpredictable in nature. Because it is so random and has no fixed explanation to it, many people choose to deny its existence and insist that attributing successes to luck is a deception to our own efforts. Nonetheless, luck here refers to the chance given or bestowed by the heavens. Since we cannot predict it, it is also out of our control.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, on the other hand, refers to the physical landform or house a person resides in. It affects a person’s harmonious balance with the energy flow in the environment, which then influences his or her physical, mental and material well-being. This is the only thing that is within our control and can be accurately exploited to our advantage.

Though so, this saying is not preaching to be totally obsessed with the intangibles. After learning a lot about Feng Shui and its effects, one has to remember that all these can only be used as guidelines and a means to making scientific predictions. It cannot be a solution to everything in our lives. For example, if a person is sick, the most immediate solution should be to visit a doctor and not be obsessed with the Feng Shui of your house.

Therefore, the complete saying should be:

“First comes Destiny,

Second comes Luck,

Third comes Feng Shui,

Fourth comes Merits,

Fifth comes Education,

Sixth comes Reputation,

Seventh comes Appearance,

Eighth comes Religion,

Ninth comes Benefactors and

Tenth comes Virtue.”

A person’s life is only complete if the person accumulates good merits by doing kind deeds. A person who is educated and credible will be likeable and go further in life. Anyone with good principles will easily attract benefactors who will be willing to clear their paths of obstacles.

You can be born in rags or with a silver spoon in your mouth; what matters the most is what you make out of the opportunities that are presented to you and your attitude towards life. Your perception of what your life is also determines your happiness, and this is something Feng Shui is unable to help.

So, what do you think my answer to my client was?

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