Feng Shui Home: What to prepare for your big move-in

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Finally, your renovation is done and your house is ready for move in! Amidst all the excitement, do not forget to do your move-in properly to ensure good feng shui for your home!

feng shui auspicious date

#1 Select an auspicious date and time to move in

In feng shui, the date that you move into your new house is very significant as house moving is considered to be a big life event that will directly influence you and your family members’ fortune. It also ensures that you receive maximum heavenly luck and prevents clashes against you.

It is best that your move-in time is in the morning as it has the best positive energy and you will have one full day to energise your house.

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feng shui i ching coins

#2 Prepare I-Ching coins or new coins

For the I-ching coins, you can purchase yours in-store or go to the bank to request for new coins in the largest domination available. In Singapore, the one-dollar coin is in the shape of a bagua and hence is best used for this purpose. 

Before the day of your move-in, sun the coins from 9am to 3pm. This is to gather all the positive yang energy in the coins. You will be using these coins on the actual move-in day ritual.

feng shui home

#3 Make sure that your house is clean and tidy

Once you have set the move-in date, make sure that your house is thoroughly cleaned (mopped, swept, wiped down) and cleared of any debris or clutters. Everything should be neatly organized in drawers, cabinets or shelves and all kitchen knives and scissors to be hidden out of sight. At this point, your house should look like those model apartments featured in interior design magazines, sparklingly spotless.

A tidy and clean environment promotes good energy flow through your house without any obstructions. Allowing sunlight to reach every corner of your house is the best way to positively energise your house.

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#4 Shift in all your belongings and furniture before the move-in day

Prior to your move-in day, you should have moved in your boxes of clothes, personal items and furniture so that on the actual day itself, you do not need to bring along with you any of these. Make sure to remove the items from the box and arrange them as you would imagine you would usually do at home.

These actions of move-in and unpacking will help to bring up the energy levels of your house and create Sheng Qi (lively energy). You will also start to harmonise with the energy in your house and its environment.

old utensils

#5 Do not throw away old utensils – bring them with you

If you are moving from an old house to a new one, make sure that you select a few pieces of your favorite porcelain plates, clay bowls or china and bring along with you. In feng shui, these items signify prosperity and abundance that you have been bestowed with, therefore, keeping it is a good sign of retaining your fortune. It is also symbolic as you are bringing with you your “home soil” to show that you will not forget your roots.

If this is your first home and you are just starting a new family, choose a porcelain or clay bowl or plate to bring to your new home. This will help set the foundation of your fortune in your new house. 

#6 Do not stay overnight before your move-in day

Lastly, do not stay overnight in your new house under any circumstances. The action of spending the night will be deemed as your move-in and if the date and time are not right, it may bring about unwanted trouble or misfortune to you and your family members.

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