How to mix colours for the best feng shui environment

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Now that you have learnt about the importance of colours in Feng Shui and how to find your lucky colours, the next step is to learn to harmonise the colours of your environment so that you are constantly in the most ideal Feng Shui atmosphere.

The Circle of Creation and the Cycle of Destruction

feng shui cycle of creation and destruction

Fat arrows: Circle of Creation (FEMWaWo)

Fire(molten lava core) provides for Earth(soil/clay),

Earth gives rise to Metal,

Metal nourishes Water (rich minerals),

Water provides nutrients for Wood,

Wood provides fuel for Fire.


Thin arrows: Cycle of Destruction (WoEWaFM)

Wood destroys Earth,

Earth displaces Water,

Water extinguishes Fire

Fire melts Metal,

Metal chops Wood.

When you can understand these 2 cycles, your colour choices will be more apparent to you. However, it does not mean that the circle of creation is always good and the cycle of destruction is always bad; you do not see them as positive and negative. You use them as your tools to increase or decrease a particular aspect of your life.


Kua number (learn how to calculate your kua number)



Favourable House Group


East House Group

Favorable Element



Complementary Elements


Water, Fire

Favorable Colour



Favorable Colours


Black, Blue, Red


For the example above, you can see that this person’s favourable elements are wood, water and fire. Fire and Water are supposed to be each other’s nemesis, but because fire is made stronger by the presence of wood, water is needed to balance the whole equation. Therefore, for this person, it would be ideal for the person to be surrounded with shades of green, blue and red.

Wearing the right colour mixes

feng shui elements

If like the above example, your element is wood, then water is the nourishing element and fire is the element that you provide fuel to. In feng shui, this means that as a wood element, your input is water and your output is fire.

Since your input is water, then blue hues will help to give rise to your intelligence or brain capacity. During days when you need to attend important meetings, working on a project with a tight deadline or studying for exams, wearing blue shades will help to keep your train of thoughts focused in the right direction and inspire you.

On the other hand, as fire is your output, then red hues will help you to be more eloquent. When you need to negotiate a business deal or attend an interview, wearing shades of red will help you to be more fluent in your speeches and interactions with people.  

Applying the right colour mixes for your home

applying feng shui colours to your house

Red and Wood colours: These colours are best applied in your kitchen due to its fiery feng shui nature. These colours will help to ensure that your wealth is constant and sustained.

Earthly tones and yellow: The combination of these colours provides a sense of stability and calmness. Therefore, children’s bedrooms and living rooms are best suited to use these colours.

Blues and greens: As these colours gives rise to a sense of precision and focus, these colours are best used for the study rooms or playrooms.

Pastel pink and purple: This combination is great for bedrooms of married couples to create a loving environment. However, these colours must be used with care as over usage of it might increase the chances of extramarital affairs due to the overflowing passion. In addition, strong hues of these 2 colours may also lead to intensified mood swings between the 2 parties.

But don’t go overboard!

Although it is important to play the colours right for an ideal feng shui environment, do not go crazy with the application as there are other forces that influences your luck. Try the different colours and observe what happens throughout the day!  


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