How to choose the right colours for your house or office

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Deciding the right colours for your rooms can be quite a headache. Therefore, one of the best ways is to apply Feng Shui Colour theory so that you can also create a harmonious energy environment for you and your loved ones. This does not mean painting the whole of that sector in a particular colour; a piece of ornament or a furniture can also activate the element and not compromise the creatives of your interior design.

However, it might not be easy for you to plot out your house’s energy map using the Eight House Feng Shui or Bagua. Therefore, we have here a layman guide for decided the colours of your rooms based on its location to improve luck and energy for its inhabitants.

Feng Shui Colour selection for different rooms

South Facing Rooms

For rooms located in the South Sector, it is recommended to use purple or orange-yellow hues to enhance the fire element in this sector. However, be careful not to go too strong with these colours especially if the bedrooms are located here as it may lead to irritations, high tensions and bad tempers.

If the sector happens to be too strong in Fire element, black is advisable to use here, but with caution.

North Facing Rooms

Grey, gold or white shades are recommended to use here to nourish the water element that is here. This brings about wealth, as water is regarded as an element that represents abundant prosperity.

East Facing Rooms

As the main element in the east is wood, it is wise to use furniture with leaves or floral patterns with mostly green as its main colours. Shades of blue which represents the water element is also recommended here to nourish the wood element.

You can also choose to grow some indoor plants here as this brings about vitality and health for your family members or co-workers. Take note to use real plants, not fake ones.

West Facing Rooms

Use earthly tones, beige, grey or white ornaments, paint, curtains or furniture here to increase your family luck and induce creativity in your space. You do not have to utilise all the elements; just go with what you feel looks best for this area.

East West North South colour choosing for feng shui

Southeast Facing Rooms

It is recommended to use pastel colours such as light green or light blue in this area as this sector of the house gets more sunlight in the day. Using lighter colours is especially beneficial if this room does not have a window that is in the exact Southeast spot to receive the Yang sun energy.

Northwest Facing Rooms

Due to its metallic nature, it is ok to use grey, gold, white, dark yellow, light brown or beige colours here. Black, however, is not recommended here as this area receives the least sun light during the day and the colour will create a dark and depressing Yin atmosphere for the room.

Northeast Facing Rooms

To give a boost to career and education luck, place earthly decorative items such as clay pots or vases and use light yellow, light grey or lighter dawn hues to energise the earthly element in this sector. 

Southeast Facing Rooms

This sector receives the most sunlight for a longer period of the day. Therefore, here, you can use darker hues of yellow, brown or nude colours. If a bedroom is located in this area, then it is not advisable to use red, pink or purple as it will be too energising and may lead to insomnia.

 In addition, this is the part of the house where color selection is especially important. A wrong choice may lead to big financial losses. Therefore, it is safer to consult and do proper research before placing a coloured decorative item or furniture here.

There is a whole level of science behind colour selection for rooms…

Above is a simple guide for making colour choices. It is still more advisable that before you decide, do an analysis of your Bazi or use calculate your Kua number to choose complementing colours which will benefit you and look good in your house or office. This way, feng shui will work its way to positively influence your life. 

Though so, use this as a guide and do not be overly obsessed with it because at the end of the day, it is your positive attitude that will activate the best energy for yourself!

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