Feng Shui Origins: How it start (Part 1)

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Feng Shui was said to have started since the existence of mankind. Before tools were invented, man used to live in the wild and fought for food and survival. With limited resources and knowledge, how did our ancestors discover Feng Shui?

origins of feng shui

How it began

As mankind evolved, they learnt the importance of community and shelter for protection and warmth. Through this, people came together and realized a trend in all of their problems for survival. Thus, they started to study the geography of where they are; they would usually choose higher and secluded grounds that could offer protection against dangerous animals and/or floods. Some studied the skies and tides and learnt about the weather and seasons. Soon, everyone is choosing their homes based on these trends and preferences which they have observed and Feng Shui is formed.

how feng shui started

Landform School of Feng Shui: The Ideal Environment

Literally translated from Chinese to be “Wind” and “Water”, the meanings of these words go far and beyond their basic meanings.

“Wind” in Feng Shui refers to the intangible forces which we now call Qi, or energy. The energy that flows around us is invisible, yet it affects us in many ways. Its characteristics is directional in nature and guided by the principles of Yin (dark) and Yang (bright) energy, Luo Shu arrangements and the Five elements.

“Water” in Feng Shui refers to the physical environment and how the surrounding landscape influences the safety and fortune of the occupants.

An ideal location must conform to the formation of the Four Celestial Animals in 4 different directions:

Left: Green Dragon

Right: White Tiger

Front: Red Phoenix

Back: Black Tortoise

The White Tiger and the Green Dragon, being highly-respected animals in the Chinese culture, must be evenly matched to ensure good career and wealth luck. The Black Tortoise must be as unwavering as the mountain in providing a strong backing and protection for the house. Lastly, the Red Phoenix should be as low and flat so that your future is peaceful and bright.

feng shui and its origins

Compass School System: Luo Pan

To study the flow of energy in any structures and how it affects its occupants, Feng Shui masters use the Compass School System. This must work hand in hand with Landform Feng Shui so that all aspects the environmental energy are considered to enhance its occupants good fortune and health.

Of course, Qi is something we cannot control, but that does not mean we cannot alter it. Feng Shui allows us to design our physical and intangible environment using the guiding principles of how energy in the universe moves.

almanac calendar for feng shui

The Trinity of Luck

Feng Shui is not a creation of luck and fortune; it is a means to activating and enhancing existing energies through working on its elements. As such, we differentiate luck into three types known as the Heavenly luck, Earthly luck and Human luck.

Heavenly luck is luck bestowed by the heavens and is out of anyone’s control. Auspicious dates and time for specific and important activities (weddings, births, renovations, house moving etc) are always carefully calculated and selected so as to ensure that this is according to Heaven’s will.

Earthly luck arises from our physical environment and luck which we can enhance or disrupt through adjusting one’s surroundings. The Earthly fortune can be harnessed by using the principles of landform Feng Shui to achieve a harmonious balance with our environment.

Lastly, human luck can also be within our control; a person’s good fortune is the fruitious harvest of their sheer perseverance and positive attitude. To have more successes in any areas of life, we need to surround ourselves with the right people and help others who are in need to accumulate good karma.


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