Feng Shui Colour Taboos for your bedrooms, kitchen and living room

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When renovating your house, colour coordinating is very important to ensure that your house is bright, lively and feng shui optimising. In feng shui, the choosing of colours for different rooms have to be done very carefully as it will affect your family members’ health and overall luck. Here are some recommendations and taboos 

Bedroom Feng Shui Colour

bedroom feng shui colours

Taboo #1 Bright Red, Pink or Purple

The bedroom is a place for rejuvenation and resting, therefore flamboyant and loud colours such as bright red, pink or purple is highly not recommended. These colours are fiery in nature and hence will cause the owner of this bedroom to be especially bad-tempered and aggressive. If this is a couple’s room, it will lead to many heated arguments between the couples. Moreover, red and pink colours also represent romantic ties, so if these colours are applied in the couple’s room, it may bring about third parties to the relationship.

Taboo #2 Black

Black is considered to be a colour of great Yin energy and is highly not recommended to be the main colour of any bedrooms. Because it is the ultimate culmination of Yin energy, occupants tend to fall ill or depressed easily.


For the best Yang energy for bedrooms, it is best to choose Earthly tones such as light yellow, light brown or off-white colours to allow the tired body and mind rest in the earthy elemental properties. Pair this off with some green or light pink décor and this elegant and modern combination will bring about great luck and fortune to its occupants.

 If the room has a lot of unblocked sunlight throughout the day, then it is easier to select your preferred colours for your rooms. Of course, it is still better to choose lighter colours to induce more lively Yang energy.

Kitchen Feng Shui Colour

kitchen feng shui colours

Taboo #1 Black or Blue

Black and blue are colours that represents the water element, which greatly clashes with the fiery element of the kitchen. Since kitchen is the wealth bank of the whole house, having such a strong clashing element is the worse for wealth accumulation.

Taboo #2 Yellow or Dark Orange

Although the fire element of the kitchen is supposed to nourish the earth elements, it also means that the colours like yellow or dark orange will drain its fiery energy, aka your wealth. Therefore, it is not the best colour choice for kitchens.


For kitchen cabinets, the most ideal décor selection would be to go for colours with wood properties with a bit of white to give off a bright and modern vibe.

Living Room Feng Shui Colours

 living room feng shui colours

Taboo #1 Blue

The taboo here is using blue for the whole entire décor and as ceiling colour. This is because after a period of time, the Yin vibes of blue hues will affect your family members and create a low-energy environment. Since the living room is the place that promotes strong family ties, it is not so ideal to have depressing shades.

However, if blue is not the main colour and is paired off with white, like that of Mediterranean thematic interiors, then it will actually provide a more soothing and healing environment.

Taboo #2 Pink or Purple

Many people would think that pink is a romantic colour, especially for newly-weds. But pink’s element is fire, and being in a pink environment for a long time may increase tensions and temper between couples and among family members. The accumulation of angst and pettiness may eventually antagonise family ties.

Taboo #3 Green or Yellow

Green and yellow are very trendy colours to use in this world that promotes environmentalism and it is also supposed to bring about liveliness and energy. However, for a room that promotes harmony and family ties, such vibrant colours might actually tire its members out and cause mental stress due to the constant high energy levels given out by these colours.


It is most ideal to use white as the main colour of your living room and use small decorative items in your preferred colours for your living rooms.

Do not go overboard with any colours...

The general rule for colour selection is always to go for lighter hues and to not make any colours other than neutrals as your base colour due to their strong elemental properties. At the end of the day, these are just some feng shui considerations to ponder upon but should not overrule your own preferences.

If you feel that your interior is too dark or lacks feng shui energy, you can always use crystals to improve its luck or energy. Placing feng shui ornaments strategically can also help to bring about better Yang energy to your house.

You can target colours using Bagua or Kua numbers of your family members to ensure that the colour chosen for them is the most ideal. 

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