Do's and Don'ts for your new house (Pre-renovation)

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Receiving your new house is an exciting experience. For the newly-weds, this is a new chapter in your life with your life partner; for the seasoned, your new house signifies an important change in your life. Regardless of which stage of life you are in, doing the feng shui properly for your new house will ensure that you and your family are well-protected.

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Let us look at the Do’s and Don’ts to receive good Feng Shui before your move-in.

kitchen stove feng shui

DO: Determine the facing of your house

It is good to know the facing of your house so that you can apply Eight House Feng Shui and use your Kua number to decide on the arrangement of your furniture and major renovation works.

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Some important furniture placements which will have an impact on feng shui will be bed facing, door facing and the direction of your kitchen stove. 

DON’T: Kitchen Stove in Northwest sector

Regardless of how strictly you want to follow feng shui guidelines in your interior design, this is one arrangement that you should not ignore and that is your kitchen stove. Placing the stove in the Northwest sector will bring about family calamity and it is especially harmful, even fatal, to the husband/father figures.

Even if your house already comes with a preset stove in the Northwest sector, to protect your male family members, it is advisable to spend some money to move it away from the Northwest direction.

Empty house

DO: Rid your house of any unwanted items.

This is more applicable to people who bought a resale.

Get rid of anything that you do not want in your new house and do some packing up. Removing clutter and old items is also a good way to activate the good feng shui sectors of your house as clutters and old items easily accumulate Yin energy.

When you unclutter your house, you are allowing Yang energy to flow through your house without obstruction. A way to ensure this is to make sure that sunlight is able to reach every corner of your house, as the afternoon sun is the best Yang energy provider in the universe. 

DON’T: Touch any talisman or idol formations

If an item feels creepy and looks suspiciously like a talisman or a formation made up of idols, crystals or pictures/photos, do be cautious and try not to touch them. This is because it is most probably intended to protect or obey the previous owner and it will not recognize you as its owner even though you may have legally bought the house.

What you should do is to contact the previous owner and get them to remove it for you. Regardless of your beliefs and religion, it is best be respectful and cautious as you are meddling with something unknown. You can also enlist the help of a spiritual master or religious master to remove it from your house so that it does not harm you or your family members.

feng shui for new house

DO: Select an auspicious date and “inform” your house of the incoming renovations

In Feng Shui’s almanac calendar, there are days that the heavens “approve” of for renovations. These days are suitable for “Dong Tu”, which literally translates to “Moving Earth/Soil”. As Earth is a Feng Shui element and has its own energy, any “unapproved” or “uninformed” actions may result in mishaps or bad luck for the workers and its future occupants. 

Consult the almanac calendar or a Feng Shui master to select an auspicious date based on you and your occupants’ birth charts. This will ensure that any works in your house will only benefit all of you.

On that day, go to your house with a small hammer and lightly knock on the tiles, walls, doors and windows of your house to let Earth know that you are going to do some major renovations.

If you have a religion, it would be good to have them bless your house at this point as well to ensure safety during the renovation works. 

DON’T: Do not set up any altars in your house

You should only set up such altars if you have been advised by a powerful feng shui master for very special reasons, otherwise, no altars should be brought in at this point of time. This is because during the process of a renovation, renovations causes huge impacts to the feng shui of your house and a lot of yin energy is released. An altar will be deemed as an invitation for yin energy to seek refuge in your house.

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