Colour Myths Debunked: Black is bad

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Black has become less of a taboo colour to use in interior designs and more of a testimony to a person’s preferences and personality.

In Home Feng Shui, the usage of black is usually advised to be moderate and paired well with other colours to provide a balance of yin-yang energy. In Feng Shui Colours theory, red represents fire, white represents metal, dark yellow represents earth, green represents wood and black represents water. As black is considered to be an extremely strong and intense colour, it should not be as massively used so as to maintain the harmonious atmosphere that Feng Shui masters always tries to achieve.

black colour in feng shui

Black Décor’s impact on Romance

 Black is a popular colour choice for many youngsters as their main décor colour but if it becomes overpowering, it may negatively affect romantic relationships. Intensively black art portraits should not be placed in bedrooms as it causes a person to have more depressing thoughts and reduces a person’s energy levels. The occupant will constantly have pessimistic thoughts when in a relationship and hence will not be able to find a romantic partner so easily.

If black is the main décor colour used in a couple’s room, it may cause the male occupant to be more attracted and attractive to other females. On the other hand, the female occupant will absorb most of the negativity emitted from the excessive blackness in the room and experience a lot of misfortune in her life. This will cause adverse effects in a relationship and the couple will usually not last very long together.

Good use of black decor in feng shui

Black Décor’s impact on Career and Wealth

Black décor in the house will greatly boost its occupants’ prospects in career advancements; the person will see smooth promotions to great positions in their jobs. They potentially have benefactors or noblemen in their work places who will discreetly or unknowingly lend a helping hand or a push to greater heights.  

Though there is no problem advancing in their careers, this does not necessary bring about wealth luck. In fact, it is usually a promotion in name titles and workload with mismatch salary or income; wealth luck here is very much supressed. In addition, because of its water nature, money flows out very easily as well, leading to financial losses. Therefore, black décor must be applied with care.

black color tend to lead to negativity

Black Décor’s impact on Health

The impact on its occupants is mainly on mental health. Because black is an intensively Yin colour, the excessive Yin energy will cause mental strains and problems. For younger members, this may lead to depression and suicidal thoughts; for older members, this may mean increased chances of getting strokes, brain cancers or similar illnesses. However, all these will only happen if black is used on a large scale in the house. If it is done tastefully, the effects will totally be reversed and it will bring about family bliss and prosperity.

Other health problems that may be brought about by the excessive usage of black décor includes kidney and gall problems due to its water nature.

Do not avoid black totally…

Although black is an intensive and extremely Yin colour, it is still important to have its elemental presence at home. At the end of the day, it is about balancing the yin and yang energy of your environment, so total removal of yin energy from your house is not optimal as well. For example, black is especially auspicious and prosperous for money-containing items such as your safes, fridge etc.

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