5-steps ritual to cleanse your new home the Feng Shui way

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Regardless of whether your new home is a brand new house or an old apartment/resale, the day when you open your new home’s door as its owner is a very significant moment to the Chinese. This is because the Chinese, where Feng Shui is widely practiced, believes that it is important to establish your presence as its owner and dispel any lingering Yin energy in your house.

feng shui for new house

Below is a 5-step guide for those who are visiting their house the first time after receiving the keys. This ritual should be handled by you and your co-owners/occupants only, as the presence of other guests will do your feng shui more harm than good.

rolling pineapple in new house

#1 Rolling of pineapple

On the day that you first visit your house after the handover, drop by your local convenience store and get a sweet-smelling pineapple with a nice crown, a small packet of rice and coarse salt.

When you first open the door, roll in your pineapple and say auspicious things, or you can just verbally declare that the house is your property from now on. Some masters believe that as pineapple means luck in Chinese, whichever spot that your pineapple rolls to will be the lucky spot in your house. However, that is not proven in Feng Shui.

The significance of pineapple-rolling is so that luck enters to cleanse your house and you will not clash with anything malicious in your house. Also, as pineapple is regarded as an auspicious fruit, you are also bringing prosperity and abundance into your new home.

Entrance to new home

#2 Master leg in (Optional)

 This method is a secret that a famous Feng Shui master shared to check the energy of the house, but it is not for the faint-hearted, as it checks your house for highly yin energy such as ghosts. You can skip this step if you do not wish to try or do not believe in the supernatural.

  1. To do this, close your eyes and side-step your master leg into your house. This is to avoid clashing into any Yin energy that is leaving your house.
  2. With your eyes closed, feel the energy with your other senses. If there are other presence in the house and you are sensitive to the supernatural, you should be able to feel so by now.
  3. Once you have mustered enough courage, open your eyes. If you do not see anything in there, all is good. If you do see it, close the door immediately and seek the help of the higher power.

For those who will not be able to handle it, you can also bring in a compass or Luo Pan to check the energy of your new house.

coarse salt and bath salts

#3 Sprinkling of rice and coarse salt

As you walk around your house, open the windows, doors, cabinets and drawers. This is where you will sprinkle some salt and rice in the corners of your house and some out of the windows to guide it out of your house. The coarse salt is to dispel the lurking Yin energy and the rice is to bring luck and abundance to your new home.

kitchen running tap

#4 Run the taps and flush the toilets

In order to do this, make sure that you have turned on your water supply before you first visit your house.

In your house, flush the toilet bowls and turn on the taps to let water flow through your house. This first flow of water is very significant; it washes out the Yin energy in your house (stagnant water) and brings about Yang energy (flowing water). It is also a form of territory-marking as new owners to the house. O

It will be most ideal that you leave your house after the ritual and leave it un-touch for 1 - 3 days so that your house is fully ‘cleansed’.


#5 Use a new broom to sweep the salt and rice out of your house

When you come back the next time, buy a new broom and sweep out all the coarse salt and rice through your main door while thinking of good thoughts for your house. You can also discuss happy plans with your spouse/co-occupants as this will further establish your ownership of the property.

When you are done, leave the broom outside your house. You can then use it for cleaning of anywhere outside your house but do not bring it in.

Do not at this point:

  1. Turn on your gas stove or electricity.
  2. Bring any guests to your house, especially pregnant women.
  3. Set up any religious altars.
  4. Quarrel, use vulgarities or say unpleasant things in the house.
  5. Stay overnight in your home.

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