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“In its highest and purest form, good Feng Shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” – Lada Ray (Source)

The Living Naga is the leading Feng Shui Online Store in Singapore. Our team strives to retail superb and state-of-the-art Feng Shui merchandise that could help you improve your Qi (氣, energy) in your home and office for a better living and quality of life.

Offering an extensive range of products and consultation services, we are your choice online store for all things related to enhancing your quality of life and improving your overall environment. While we are based in Singapore, we also offer free worldwide shipping on all our products with maximum satisfaction guaranteed, secure payment and excellent customer service.

Feng Shui is neither a medical treatment nor a religion. Instead, it is Chinese metaphysics which promotes harmony and balance in one’s environment. As the saying goes, one cannot change his destiny or tamper with your luck – however, you can find balance and harmony by adjusting your Feng Shui.

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Our Mission and Goals

Like Naga, the serpent that protected the Buddha from harm and evil as he attained enlightenment, we strive to offer excellent goods for protection against negative energy to enhance your quality of life. It is our mission to build a world-class brand providing top quality and premium Feng Shui products with utmost sincerity. With spectacular services and a team of knowledgeable experts at our disposal, The Living Naga is the best online store in Singapore for your home and living space.

How You Can Reach out to Us

Should you have any queries and questions regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at The Living Naga. Simply click here to fill in our online enquiry form. Our seasoned customer services team will be in touch shortly.